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Saigoneer Podcast: Fruit Fight, and Saigon Duo

It's the start of a new work week, which means there's a new Saigoneer Podcast available for your listening pleasure.

Our first segment evolved from a recent office conversation about which fruit deserves to be the national fruit of Vietnam. That debate revealed some rather controversial fruit-based opinions among our staff, so we've taken the argument to the airwaves to debate our favorites, from bottom to top tier. What would your choice of Vietnam's national fruit be?

This week's interview segment features Saigon Duo, whom we mentioned in our conversation about contemporary Vietnamese literature from our fifth episode. The New York City-based pair of Duy Vo and Thao Bui are Saigon natives, and they discuss their writing and photography work, in addition to providing frank insight on their feelings of not belonging in either Vietnam, their homeland, or the United States, their adopted home.

Finally, we close with Banh Mi Banter. Please leave us a review on your preferred podcast app, and have a great week!

Listen to the latest podcast episode (our 10th!) through the SoundCloud link below, or find us Radio Public or the Apple podcast app.

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