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Saigoneer Sunday Rewind

Our staff's favorite articles that appeared on Saigoneer this week.


The Stories Behind Vietnamese Bank Notes

Though we’ve previously written about the history of Vietnamese currency, we haven’t deeply explored the beautiful artwork the adorns their backsides which feature not only famous landmarks, but more humble images of daily life and economic activity.

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The Hidden Gems Of Bình Tây Market

Among the busy streets of District 6, Bình Tây, Chợ Lớn’s central market, sits in all its hectic glory.

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Herbs: The Unsung Heroes Of Vietnamese Cuisine

People travel to Vietnam from all over the world for the country’s culinary magic. But while broths, meats and noodles are often play the leading role, the unsung heroes of Vietnamese cuisine are fresh herbs which grace almost every dish.

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[Photos] Abandoned Nam Định Church Being Swallowed By The Sea

Nam Định Province is full of beautiful churches, but while many remain in good condition, the Heart Church, located on Xương Điền beach, has seen better times. With each passing day, the now abandoned structure moves closer into the embrace of the waves and sea.

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The Mysterious Tunnels That Lie Beneath Saigon

While the tunnels under Independence Palace and the Ho Chi Minh City Museum are open to tourists, new research shows that they are part of a more extensive tunnel network that lies under the streets of Saigon.

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20 Photos Of Saigon From The Early 1990s

By the early 1990s, Saigon had yet to emerge from its post-war cocoon. Having lost its colonial sheen and cosmopolitan character, it would be another few yeas before the effects of the Doi Moi reforms would kick in, ushering in the current era of development and modernization.

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“La Dalat” The First And Only Car Ever Made In Vietnam

Known once as “the pearl of the orient,” Saigon was Indochina’s hub of modern industry and entertainment. This environment spawned the “La Dalat,” the first car to be produced in Vietnam.

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