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Saigoneer Podcast: Transportation in Saigon, Women in Tech and a Singaporean Foodie

We've hit episode 20!

On this week's show, our 20th, we begin (1:17) with a semi-civil discussion about transportation in Saigon. Is walking all it's cracked up to be? Can we go beyond the car-motorbike binary? What about using the river?

Then (14:17) we look at Vietnamese women in tech, which there aren't enough of, but that doesn't mean there aren't inspirational stories out there. We fawn over Le Duy Loan, the first female Texas Instruments Senior Fellow; and Do Viet Nga, one of the architects of the VT80, Vietnam's first home-grown computer, which debuted in 1977.

Our interview segment (23:23) features Mervin Lee, a Singaporean photographer, foodie and (self-proclaimed) coffee snob. We talked about his work and his strategy for finding delicious hidden restaurants.

As always, we close with Banh Mi Banter (33:51).

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Have a great week!

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