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Saigoneer Podcast: Nhậu Roundtable Special & Laiday Refill Station Co-Founder Quyen Nguyen

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On this week's episode, we celebrate the end of an era with our second nhậu roundtable special (1:08). We answered questions such as "If you launched a Vietnamese airline, what would it be called, and what uniforms would the flight attendants wear?"; "If you could open a museum in Saigon, what topic would it cover?"; and "What is the worst food abomination you've eaten in Vietnam?"

Then (29:29), we speak to Quyen Nguyen, a co-founder of Laiday Refill Station, about her efforts to raise awareness on the dangers of plastic waste and spread a lifestyle focused on reusable, refillable products.

As always, we close with Bánh Mì Banter (49:57).

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