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[Memes] Watch King Kong Stomp Across Vietnam

One week into the release of Kong: Skull Island, the hype surrounding the Hollywood blockbuster may have leveled off in real life – officials are no longer trying to erect a life-sized statue of the giant gorilla in downtown Hanoi, for example – but Vietnamese netizens have made it clear that at least some of the Skull Island mania is here to stay.

Local social media users have honored the film and its namesake fictional beast in a series of Vietnam-inspired memes that show Kong himself bathing in Hoan Kiem Lake, visiting a floating market and destroying a bowl of phở. While Vietnam’s natural landscapes make a prominent appearance in the film, none of these snapshots made it to the big screen.

Take a look at the memes, courtesy of BEATVN’s Facebook page, below:

[Photos via BEATVN]

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