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New Years Eve Party @ The Observatory and Broma

From the organizer:

People of Saigon! The time has nearly arrived for us to say bye bye to this bizarre year, and to start getting excited about meeting the next one because it's gonna arrive with a BANG.

The Observatory & Broma: Not a Bar have teamed up to provide you with an evening that's designed to tick all your boxes, satisfy every sense and drain every last party battery available in your body. We've got food, drink and some of the city's finest DJs. We have a pre-party, main party and after-party. We've even got a walk through the madness of the city, and a crazy view of the fireworks framed between two of its most iconic skyscrapers. Ah, and lots of balloons, vodka and time to go as crazy as possible 

The last year has witnessed an explosion of partying in the city and this multidimensional fiesta is going to be one major pyrotechnic cherry on top

Begin the evening watching the streets transform into a river of motorized insanity from the comfortable confines of The Observatory, which from 6PM will be serving a 3-course set menu of delicious food and first-gear drinks to get you ready for the night ahead

DJs EL CAPITAN, SWIM CLUB DISCOTHEQUE, TAKEKURA MIYAMOTO (rare vinyl) & STARCHILD will be on hand dishing out eclectic sounds from across space and time, whetting your appetite and getting your eyebrows dancing in anticipation of the night ahead

At 10PM we'll begin our migration over to Broma. There are two ways we can go about this: 

A) as a group, or B) as you want - either way it's going to be an adventure and it's highly recommended that it's carried out on foot because the traffic is going to be HEAVY

Once at Broma, the festivities will move into overdrive: 

DJs HIBIYA LINE, SUPERKID, NIC FORD, MAQMAN, POMPELMOESSAP & DAN LO will be spinning some hard-hitting, floor-shaking, chandelier-swinging sounds ALL NIGHT LONG. We're talking deep DISCO, serious TECHNO, heavy AFROBEAT & rough HOUSE. At 12AM the terrace will transform into a viewing gallery for the fireworks show over the river and at sunrise will become an astral portal into the first light of the new year

Following that spectacle, at 6AM THE PARTY WILL CONTINUE at The Observatory, which will be kitted out to facilitate an all-day extravaganza in its event space with our team of DJs keeping the party ball rolling while fruity refreshments are served below


To access this party system, you need to choose from the following options:

1. Buy a WRISTBAND: 500K - includes entry to all three events + set menu at The Observatory pre PARTY consisting of:

Drink: Glass of Bubbles

Starter: Prawn Cocktail

Main: Roastbeef w/ potato gratin Girardet style + salad

Dessert: Colonnel (lemon ice cream w/vodka)

2. Purchase entry to each venue separately:

The Observatory pre PARTY: 300K (incl. food and one drink)

Broma main PARTY: 300K

The Observatory after PARTY: 100K

Wristbands available for sale from Monday 23rd of December at Broma and The Observatory (limited availability - guarantees entry to all 3 events)

communications@theobservat<wbr< a="">>

The Observatory | Le Lai & Ton That Tung, District 1

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