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[Illustrations] A Calendar Created Specifically for Saigon's Wet and Dry Seasons

Saigon is in the midst of a full-on rainy season whose watery mood swings almost make us miss the heat of the dry season.

Unlike the expansive range of weather patterns and temperatures experienced by northern Vietnam, the southern climate is one of sharp dichotomy. After five months of punishing heat, the city enters a period where every afternoon promises at least one bout of sudden, flood-inducing rain. As a city dweller, graphic designer Thien Le knows this predicament all too well. That’s why he decided to create a calendar centered on this dry-wet meteorological transition.

In Le’s calendar, the passage of time is recorded by how Saigon’s iconic street characters react to its weather. During dry January, a xe ôm driver is deep in precarious slumber on top of his bike. A gang of “street ninjas” dominate the card for February. The transitional month of May is illustrated by a lovey-dovey rendezvous between Grab and Go-Viet drivers. The rest of the months see rainy-season antics in full swing: inundated streets, plastic ponchos, and even a motorized boat.

Have a closer look at Thien Le’s humorous illustrations below:

[Images via Behance user CT Lee]

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