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[Photos] The Evolution of Saigon Residents in an Ad, Ad, Ad World

Exploring Saigon’s streets through my lens has helped me to understand the city in a deeper way and to be a witness of its development. 

Saigon is among the fastest-growing cities in the world over the last three years and billboards or graphic backgrounds in front of construction sites or new commercial projects tell the story of a city in transition. 

This photo project illustrates the fast-changing pace and identity crisis Saigon is currently experiencing. I wanted to illustrate the evolutions via something other than conventional cityscapes. I have been wandering the city in search of aesthetic backgrounds, then waiting for the right characters to enter the frame and complete the story.

Bird of prey: a woman passes in front of the graphic background of a mall.

Embracing the shadows: a woman walks in front of a colorful billboard at Landmark 81.

Primary colors: "who is she?"

Non la vs. Dior: a woman wearing a conical hat checks the front window of a Dior boutique.

Opposite ways: people traveling in the opposite direction in front of the first Uniqlo shop to open in Vietnam.

Photoshoot: women in traditional outifts pose in front of a construction project.

Parallel roads: a man delivers a package to the Vinhomes Golden River complex.

Top photo: Catch me if you can: Someone asks his way in front of the upcoming Parkson Dong Khoi renovation.

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