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[Photos] Vietnamese Motorbikes and the Things They Carry

With more than 37 million of them, Vietnam is truly the land of the motorbike (for now). As we see on a daily basis, they’re not only the preferred method of transportation for people, but also for the transference of goods. 

Photographer Hans Kemp moved to Saigon in 1995 and in 2000 was commissioned to take photos of the city’s motorbikes, some of which he recently shared with Slate:

“I took some images and it really hit me how amazing this part of life in Vietnam was,” Kemp said. “This small job was like the seed and it really rooted in my head that this was a great and unique part of everyday life. I had to document it,” he continued.

While far from the craziest things Vietnamese carry on motorbikes pictures (keep an eye on Another Side of Vietnam for that), they’re some of the better photos we’ve seen on the subject.

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