A Guide To Honking In Vietnam

Saigoneer contributor, Eric van der Vorst, created this playful list to help us decipher the meaning behind the symphony of honks and beeps that echo through Vietnam's roads and cities. 

RING (bicycle): “Immaschoolkidonthestreetwatchout!”

1 short BEEP (motobike): “Hey, I’m here!

1 long BEEP: “I’m not stopping!” BEEEEP in reply: “Me neither!”

2 short BEEPs: “Look out!”

3 short BEEPs: “Look out!” (urgent)

4 short BEEPS: “I’m late for work!”

1 short and 1 long BEEP from behind: “Come on man, the light is green. Move!”

1 short and 1 long BEEP from motorbike to car: “I’m not afraid of you!”

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP (standing still): “I’m at your house, open the door.”

16 short and 24 Long BEEP: “Sorry, my kid loves to play with the horn.”

2 long BEEPs: a. “There are police around the corner.” B. “Your turn signal is still on.” C. “Your kickstand is down.” D. “Just felt like honking” (D is the most common).

1 short HONK (car): “I’m behind you mother****er!”

1 long HONK: “I’m coming.”

2 long HONKs: “I’m about to hit you!”

1 short BEEEEUUWW (bus): “You’re in my lane!”

1 short and 1 long BEEEEUUWW: “I’m late, if you want to stay alive, get out of my lane!”


Do you have any to add?


[Photo via Jonathan]

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