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From feng shui to bánh tráng trộn, the chosen designers find their inspiration everywhere. 

The organizers of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 announced this week the 41 designs chosen to be finalists in the competition's national costume round.

The contest’s theme this year is “Vina Woman - Vietnamese Grit.” Instead of accepting design submissions from the public, this year Miss Universe collaborated with fashion design students from six universities in Saigon offering the program to come up with these wacky looks.

'Bánh Tráng Trộn Sài Gòn' by Lê Quang Thắng of Văn Lang University.

The designs explore various aspects of Vietnamese culture. Some draw on history, such as the legend of Lạc Long Quân and Âu Cơ — the mythic ancestors of the Vietnamese people. Others come from scenes of everyday life, such as a bánh tráng trộn stall. 

All of the chosen designs will come to life in the National Costume fashion show on June 11. This will also be the first time Miss Universe Vietnam has a public show. Out of the 41 designs, the organizers will announce the first, second, and third prizes. The winner will get a prize of VND15 million and their design will be further improved to accompany the Vietnam representative in Miss Universe 2022 on the global stage.

Let’s take a look at some designs below, and for the complete collection, check out the Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 Facebook page.

'Transition' by Nguyễn Công Tài of Hoa Sen University.

'The Color of Hội An' by Bùi Thị Bích Điệp of HUTECH.

'Mother' by Lâm Chí Cường of Hoa Sen University.

'Rồng Tiên' by Nguyễn Minh Thông of the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City.

'Trưng Sister' by Nguyễn Minh Thông of the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City.

'Sister Sáu' by Nguyễn Hoàng Gia of the HCMC University of Technology and Education.

'Sắc' by Trần Thuận Thành of the HCMC University of Technology and Education. 

'Crossing the Dragon Gate' by Nguyễn Thị Yến Nhi of the HCMC University of Technology and Education. 

'Cà Mau Sedge Mat' by Nguyễn Quốc Việt of Tôn Đức Thắng University.

'Hỏa Liên' by Nguyễn Hoàng Minh of Tôn Đức Thắng University.

'Carp Turning Into Dragon' by Nguyễn Nhật Trường of Văn Lang University.

'Lạc Việt God of War' by Lương Đức Minh of Văn Lang University.

'Chiếu Bông' by Bùi Hoàng Ân of Văn Lang University.

'Long Mạch' by Võ Thành Đạt of Văn Lang University.

'Golden Phoenix' by Nguyễn Minh Triết of Văn Lang University.

[Image via Facebook page Miss Universe Vietnam]

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