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Hanoi Approves Design of New Tu Lien Bridge Over Red River

It will be called the Tứ Liên Bridge and was designed in part by Sun Group.

Dân Trí reports that the Hà Nội People's Committee has approved the bridge, which will connect Tây Hồ District with Long Biên and Đông Anh districts.

The structure, as well as its approach roads, will span 4.84 kilometers and be cable-stayed, the second such bridge in the capital after the huge Nhật Tân Bridge, which opened in 2015.

According to the design, the four abutments at either end will represent dragons ascending from the water, while the cables will signify columns of water shooting out of the river, a reference to Hà Nội's former name, Thăng Long, which means Ascending Dragon.

The new bridge will connect to Nghi Tàm Street, Hữu Hồng Street, National Highway 5 and the river's western embankment. It will be the longest bridge over the river, and sit between Long Biên Bridge and Nhật Tân.

The news source did not specify a timeline for the commencement of construction, or an estimated cost.

[Photo via Thoi Bao Ngan Hang]

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