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A Look at Some of Vietnam's Bug-Based Delicacies

Cultures around the world have included protein-rich insects as part of their diets for thousands of years. While the practice has almost disappeared in the West, insects are still as popular as ever in other parts of the globe, including right here in our fair Vietnam.

Vietnam Net recently published an article detailing Vietnamese delicacies that claim bugs as their main ingredient. Turns out, bugs are not only delicious but eco-friendly!

Steamed glutinous rice with ant eggs: Starting in March of each year, black ant eggs are harvested from trees. After a gentle washing, they are mixed with seasoning, dried onions and then fried in fat. Finally, they are put on a banana leaf and severed with sticky rice.

Stink bugs roasted with lemon leaves: Popular mountainous areas, the bugs are soaked in brine and then boiled in water with bamboo shoots to remove their foul odder. They are then roasted with lemon leaves at high heat until crispy. The same technique is used for cicadas, scorpions and grasshoppers.

Crispy white crickets: As fat as prawns, these crickets are roasted in hot oil with chopped bacon and lemon leaves.

Bee larvae: Packed with vitamins, proteins, minerals, sugars and amino acids, people in the mountainous provinces of Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang and Cao Bang prepare bee larvae in numerous ways (often fried with shallots, fresh ginger and chopped lime leaves).

Coconut worms: Commonly consumed in south-western Vietnam, these worms grown in and feast on coconut trees. Once they fatten up, locals cut down the trees and collect the worms which are soaked in alcohol and cleaned. After being cooked with herbs, fish sauce or butter, they are served with sticky rice.

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