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One-Third of Students in Saigon Face Stress, Cyberbullying: Survey

A new survey conducted by Saigon's Department of Education and Training reveals unsettling realities regarding student well-being.

The study covers 150 schools and institutions in Ho Chi Minh City including 74 public high schools, 34 public secondary schools, eight primary schools and 34 other institutions ranging from kindergartens to private schools.

According to the survey, 31% of the students experience stress and 53.8% show lack of study motivation, Dan Tri reports. Of all the students in the study, 7.8% have dropped out of school and 21.1% are at risk of doing so. The report argues that study environment, society and family, lack of support services from schools combined with anxiety are the reason for such troubling numbers.

The survey also shed light on a more worrying issue — 24.6% of students are bullied and 20.8% of them are victims of psychological abuse. Thirty percents of all respondents reported having been harassed online in different forms such as posting photos without consent, insults, provocations, threats.

More than 6% of respondents use drugs, 5.7% have violated the law, 2.8% have gone through an abortion, and 0.8% shows self-destructive behaviors.  

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