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[Photos] Saigon Then & Now: Rue Catinat, Tu Do and Dong Khoi Street

While some of Saigon's most extreme changes over the years have occurred in suburban areas like District 7 or Binh Thanh, central District 1 is obviously no stranger to transformations either.

As part of our long-running Then & Now series, this set of photos compiled from old images and modern photos highlights changes to Dong Khoi, one of the city's most glamorous thoroughfares.

Known as Rue Catinat under French rule and then Tu Do Street, today Dong Khoi is home to several of Saigon's most iconic hotels, including the Hotel Continental, where Graham Greene penned The Quiet American.

The Opera House has been another constant, though the areas around these classic structures have been transformed by metro construction and the arrival of modern boutiques, shopping malls and high-end restaurants. Meanwhile, xích lô and bicycles have been almost completely replaced by motorbikes and cars.

Take a look at these composite shots depicting Dong Khoi's changes through the decades, and also check out our Saigon Cholon Then & Now Facebook page for more pictures and discussion.

Except for the addition of balconies and changes in window shapes, the facade of the Hotel Continental Saigon remains mostly the same over the years.

The corner of Dong Khoi and Nguyen Thiep streets.

The Saigon Opera House with Hotel Caravelle Saigon in the distance.

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