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[Photos] 30 Film Photographs That Take You Back to 1965 Saigon

What draws viewers to the spectacle that is old photographs?

For those with an affinity for the arts, that might be the range of vintage typefaces that graced the shopfronts of past Saigon. Older Saigoneers who lived through the era portrayed in these photographs might see them as anchors of their memories. For the youths of Saigon who are much younger than the images, the scenes might present an intriguing vista into the past that they learn about from literature and old movies.

Get your weekly fix of nostalgia through this set of photos taken in 1965 Saigon by American serviceman Gary Mathews.

A Shell gas station.

On Chi Lang Street (now Phan Dang Luu).

Nguyen Van Thinh Street (now Mac Thi Buoi).

Outside Ba Chieu Market.

A parking lot on Hai Ba Trung Street behind the Saigon Opera House.

Students of Le Van Duyet School (now Vo Thi Sau) walking on Le Van Duyet Street.

A mix of vehicles on a local street.

A furniture shop in Ba Chieu Market.

A young monk takes a stroll.

On the banks of the Saigon River.

Le Loi Boulevard.

On Hai Ba Trung Street.

A street-side market.

The City Hall.

Outside Lang Ong.

Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Scores of Lambrettas waiting for passengers.

A herd of water buffaloes roam the street.

A toy shop in Ba Chieu Market.

Vintage typefaces.

Kids play in the yard of a home in suburban Saigon.

A street food cart.

A shop docked at Bach Dang Wharf.

A Caltex gas station.

Shopping for knick-knacks on the pavement.

chợ trời.

[Photos by Gary Mathews via Redsvn

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