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[Photos] Saigon Then & Now: Part 1

We’re back with a new series of “Then and Now” photos of Saigon featuring the Continental Hotel, the city’s former opium refinery and a few other iconic places you may recognize.

The view from Khánh Hội bridge looking towards the former Bank of Indochina, now the National Bank of Vietnam (1920s? - 2014).


Lý Tự Trọng Street, facing the Department of Industry and Trade (Late 1930s - 2014).


The corner of Đồng Khởi Street facing the The Continental Hotel (Early 20th century - 2014).


Quách Thị Trang roundabout looking towards Lê Lợi Street (early 20th century - 2014).


Saigon Hospital on Lê Lợi Street (early 20th century - 2014).


The former Saigon Opium Refinery, now a courtyard full of restaurants - Hai Bà Trưng Street (Late 19th century - 2014).

For more awesome Then and Now photos check out the Saïgon-Chợ Lớn Then & Now Facebook group.

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