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26 Old Photos Of Hanoi’s Majestic Long Biên Bridge

Described by one writer as “a misshapen but essential component of Hà Nội’s heritage,” the Long Biên Bridge has seen better days. These 17 photos show the beloved Bridge during its golden years.

The bridge, originally named after Paul Doumer, the French Governor General was built between 1899 and 1902 to an in-house design by Daydé et Pillé, following a competition which involved all of the major construction houses. The bridge was inaugurated on 2 February 1902 in the presence of Doumer himself, his successor Paul Beau and the young King Thành Thái, and the first train crossed the bridge on 28 February 1902.

In what can only be considered a win for the historic bridge, city authorities recently announced that instead of tearing down the historic structure, a new bridge be built, all but ensuring the continued existence of Long Biên.

[Photos via Manhhai]