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[Illustrations] The Collection of Isometric Puzzle Pieces That Makes Saigon

These playful, perspective-skewering illustrations focus on everyday Saigon scenes.

People lifting beer bottles at an outdoor BBQ spot while a mobile karaoke crooner performs in the background; folks queuing up at an ATM cubicle; flood water lapping against the upper rims of motorbike tires; and, xích lô whisking camera-wielding tourists through the traffic — local illustrator Nguyen Nguyen's personal project "Isometry about Saigon" involves details any Saigoneer should recognize.

Isometry art is a math-driven style where all three dimensions are drawn at full scale with no distance foreshortening so 3D objects can be depicted on a 2D surface. The result, in this case, is a playful, cartoon-like vibe that retains the unmistakable elements of an average Saigon street. Painted in uniform tones, the scenes feel like whimsical versions of lived experiences. 

Check out the complete project below:  

[Illustrations via Behance user nguyen nguyen]

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