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In the latest music video, local indie band Ca Hoi Hoang attempts to answer the age-old question: After a relationship was severed, what to do if the involved cross paths again?

It’s no secret that at Saigoneer, we have a huge crush on Ca Hoi Hoang, the alternative rock trio from Da Lat that has won the hearts of local music fans left and right since their beginning a few years ago. This time, the group has proven once again that their musical sensibilities can extend beyond rambunctious crowd-pleasers into minimally produced records.

Part of the group's latest EP Co Can Phai Co Ly Khong, ‘4S’ is a mid-tempo ballad that imagines the moment when lovers who have broken up meet again and the inevitable awkwardness and longing that ensue. The accompanying music video was produced by local artist Triet Le, who’s known for his signature stop-motion works using simple pencil sketches.

We’ve featured Triet Le previously on Saigoneer, when his two short films — Little Wonders and Còi — first came out. Le’s blend of uncomplicated black-and-white sketches and a distinctly Vietnam choice of subjects lends itself well to the composition and lyrics.

A couple, perched on a motorbike with their helmets still on, peruse the Saigon skyline from across the river; the interior of an apartment coffee shop; and an airplane taking off over the concrete jungle that we’re all familiar with: this is undoubtedly a romance that starts and ends with Saigon.

Toward the end of the clip, the video switches to negative, presumably to depict night scenes. Le’s pencil strokes turn into chalk marks on a blackboard while the music descends into its contemplative end.

Have a look at the full music video of ‘4S’ by Ca Hoi Hoang, featuring animations by Triet Le, below:

[Video via YouTube channel Ca Hoi Hoang]

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