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In a Career First, Rapper Den Vau Announces Solo Concert This November

Tickets for the concert will be available for purchase starting from 8pm today.

On 15 October, rapper Den announced on his Facebook official fan page that he will be having his career’s first concert on November 11. Titled “Show Cua Den,” the concert will be held at Quan Khu 7 Stadium in Tan Binh District. According to Den, he will perform 20 songs live with a band that employs slightly different musical arrangements, rather than using playbacks. 

Nguyen Quoc Cuong, more commonly known as his stage name Den Vau or Den, has been making music for 10 years, commonly associated with the underground and independent music scene in Saigon. Den first received wider public attention when a song he collaborated with Linh Cao, ‘Dua Nhau Di Tron,’ went viral online in 2016.

Since then, Den has been a familiar face in Vietnam’s music landscape, gaining wider audiences with hits such as 'Ta Cu Di Cung Nhau' or 'Muoi Nam.' The rapper also appears in several collaborations with other indie sensations such as Ngot and Vu. 

Den’s latest song 'Hai Trieu Nam,' which features singer Bien, has amassed 35 million views and 570,000 likes on YouTube at the time of writing. Similarly, the rapper’s latest collaboration with Vu and Thanh Dong 'Anh Dech Can Gi Nhieu Ngoai Em' also racked up 44 million views and 436,000 likes on the video platform.

Check out the new trailer for the concert below:

[Photo via Tuoi Tre]

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