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K-Pop Talent Agency SM Entertainment Opens First Vietnam Store in Saigon

Saigon’s K-pop fans, rejoice!

On July 3, Vietnam’s first SMTown Store started welcoming visitors for a sneak peek of its new location in the country. According to VnExpress, the outlet is based on the fourth floor of Crescent Mall in District 7, featuring a retail area and a dining area. 

Shoppers can browse the store for a range of official albums, light sticks and posters, among other merchandise, of K-pop groups and artists under SM Entertainment. The dining area serves beverages and desserts.

Rumors of the SM expansion started swirling as early as late last year, when Crescent Mall began renovating the space. For the moment, from July 3 to 12, fans in the city can sign up for a tour of the SMTown Store; it’s unclear when an official launch will take place, though it’s expected to happen in Q4 of this year.

SM Entertainment is South Korea’s largest entertainment company and the creator of generations of K-pop stars. It was founded in 1995 by showbiz mogul Lee Soo-man. Starting in the 2000s with acts like H.O.T, BoA and DBSK, SM has helped boost the influence of Hallyu in the region, including in Vietnam. Today, some musicians represented by the entertainment group that are popular among Vietnamese fans include EXO, Red Velvet and NCT.

[Photo via Facebook page SMTOWN Vietnam]

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