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Last Sunday, Adam Robert Young led the October Saigoneer photo walk, taking a group of participants around a bustling local market in District 2.


Photo taken by Nguyen Ngoc Vu.

The group left Mekong Merchant at 8:30am and enjoyed the walk along Street 13 and Street 15 (perpendicular to Trần Não Street) to explore the lively morning activities in the local area.

Keep an eye out for the November photo walk that will be led by a different Saigon-based photographer.

Here are some of the wonderful photos taken by the participants on the latest walk:

Photo taken by Kevin Kwok.

Photo taken by Tran Quoc Viet.

Photo taken by Son Vo.

Photo taken by Yoshiki Kuraki.

Photo taken by Gaayathry & Ashwin S.

Photo taken by Kari Nguyen.

Photo taken by Adam Robert Young.

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