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Sai Gon Art Map: Call For Submissions

Saigoneer, Saigon Artbook, Dia Projects and Alternative Art Area are in the process of producing a handy map of art-related activities and venues in Saigon – from galleries to street art.

We’ve already compiled a list, but before we go to print, we want to ask our audience if they have any to add. 

Here’s what we have so far:

  • Saigon Artbook
  • Mai's Gallery
  • Alternative Art Area
  • Dia Projects
  • Craig Thomas Gallery
  • Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum
  • Galerie Quynh
  • Art Friend
  • Sophie's Art Tours
  • Overland Club
  • Phương Mai Gallery
  • Tara & Kys Gallery
  • Sao La
  • Choi-Choi Studio
  • Inventory
  • The Lotus Gallery
  • Saigon Outcast
  • Vin Space Gallery
  • Vin Space Art Studio
  • Giant steps
  • Apricot Gallery
  • La Mie
  • Decibel
  • Fix Republic
  • @cafe
  • Grado Art Studio
  • Helen Kling Painting Class
  • The Performing Arts Academy of HCMC
  • L'Amant Saigon
  • Zero Station (Ga0)
  • Gallery Podang
  • RMIT University Vietnam Art Collection
  • PongDang Gallery
  • CGV Movie Art House
  • San Art
  • Toa Tàu
  • Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts University
  • Dia Projects (Research)
  • San Si Studio
  • Ho Chi Minh City Architecture University
  • Observatory
  • Post-Vidai Collection

We want to make the map as comprehensive as possible, so please email if you think we’re missing anything!

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