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The Incredible Origami Art Of Nguyen Ngoc Vu

In addition to digital art and stop motion films, Saigon-born Nguyen Ngoc Vu has also found success with one of Japan's most prolific analog art forms – origami.

Self-taught from books he collected over the past 15 years, Vu can now fold paper into sophisticated, intricate designs. While some of his pieces were competed in 5 minutes, others, such as his crocodile (seen below), took one year to make. 

Currently in his last year at Malaysia's Limkokwing University, Vu hopes to bring stylized video art to TV commercials in his home country.

The Journey from MelTran on Vimeo.

Visiting Vietnam at the end of June, Vu and some friends are organizing an origami and art installation at Blossom Art House in Hanoi.

More pictures of his work can be found on his Flickr.


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