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[Video] Whoever Made This Drone Video of Vietnam's Floods Has a Sense of Humor

Last week, when we all had floodwater up to our kneecaps and half of Saigon was stuck in rush hour traffic, someone was having a good time in northern Vietnam with a drone camera.

The following video, shared on Facebook by Vietnamese reality star Giang Popper, features aerial footage of northern city and provincial capital Hai Duong, where the roads appear to have turned into rivers. The scene is made all the more entertaining by the fact that the words hải dương actually mean ocean in Vietnamese.

On the original post, the video's creator, Hai Duong Flycam, jokes: “From now on, don't ask why our city is called Hai Duong when it doesn't have an ocean.”

In the video, pedestrians wade through the murky brown water, cyclists struggle to stay balanced and buses ply the streets with relative ease, making waves as they pass. From above, the roads could easily be mistaken for waterways and the cars for speedboats.

But best of all is the music: over footage of what are obviously less-than-convenient circumstances, a goofy, upbeat tune plays, complete with flood-themed lyrics.

“In the prosperous and luxurious capital, fish can freely swim,” the singer croons. “With each passing car, waves of water flood into our house.”

“The weather forecast says it will rain,” he carries on. “So many people are excited to swim at this very intersection.”

At least someone has a good sense of humor about the situation.

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