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Binh Tan Is Saigon's Most Populous District While Can Gio Is the Least: New Census

The Population and Housing Census is conducted every 10 years.

On October 11, the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee announced results of the newest census, conducted in April this year, Thanh Nien reports. According to the study, Saigon is the most populous city in Vietnam (9.35% of the national population) and Binh Tan is its most populous district (784,000 people), while the least-populous is Can Gio District, with 71,000 people. As of April 1, 2019, Saigon has more than 8.99 million inhabitants, of which 48.7% are male and 51.3% are female.

The urban districts with the highest population density are District 4 (41,900 people/square kilometer), District 10 (41,000 people/km2) and District 11 (40,800 people/km2). The least-densely populated urban districts are District 9 (3,400 people/km2), District 2 (3,600 people/km2) and District 7 (10,000 people/km2)

In suburban areas, Binh Chanh District has the most residents, with 705,000 people and Can Gio District has the least, with 71,000 people. Hoc Mon District is the suburban area with the densest population (4,900 people/km2), and the least densely populated district is Can Gio (100 people/km2).

Saigon consists of 24 districts in total, 19 of which are considered urban (quận) in official parlance, while the remaining five are considered suburban (huyện).

Meanwhile the country’s overall population increased by 10,361,987 people in 2019 compared to the last time the general census study was conducted, which was in 2009. However, the statistics office said that that compared to 10 years ago, the rate at which the population increased has slowed.

The census also suggests that people in Vietnam are living in larger spaces in general, especially in metropolitan areas. In 2019, the average floor area per person is 23.5 square meters/person, which is an increase of 6.8 square meters/person compared to 2009.

The report also found that there are still 4,800 homeless households units out of 26.9 million households nationwide. In Saigon alone, there are 39 homeless household units out of 2.5 million households in the city.

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