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Saigon Records Zero Daily Covid-19 Deaths for First Time in Months

On February 9, 2022, no Saigon resident passed away because of COVID-19.

The Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City announced that while three patients transferred from other provinces died in Saigon hospitals yesterday, no Saigon resident died from the virus. This marks the first such instance for months.

The two patients from Long An and one from Bình Phước who died while being treated in Saigon hospitals all had underlying health issues. To date, 20,385 city residents have lost their lives to the disease. 

It is not all positive news, however. The days following the extended Tết holiday have seen a rise in cases in Saigon, with 220 new infections identified yesterday, bringing the city's total number of cases in this outbreak to 515,596. Across January, average daily case loads hovered at around 100, while daily death counts rarely exceeded 10.

At the moment, 629 COVID-19 patients in the city are in serious enough condition to be in treatment at a hospital.

The situation reflects conditions throughout the country. Wednesday witnessed a 9.4% increase in cases compared to the previous day, with 23,953 new cases nationwide. Before the holiday, infection and death rates had been steadily dropping. Vietnam currently has nearly 147,000 active cases, while 93 patients died yesterday. 

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