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Hanoi's 7,000 pharmacies have been instructed to report customers who purchase medicine to treat symptoms associated with Covid-19.

As part of the effort to contain the spread of the virus, in order to obtain such medicine, customers will be required to submit a health declaration form, according to VnExpress

"If any of these pharmacies miss any of the mentioned cases, they will be dealt with in accordance with the law. This is their duty to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic. If any pharmacy does not comply, their license can be revoked," explained Hanoi Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung.

Chung also requested that all visitors seeking treatment for fever, cough and respiratory difficulties at private clinics and medical centers be tested for Covid-19

Moreover, starting last Saturday, April 18, all vendors, traders and shoppers at Hanoi's wholesale markets have undergone Covid-19 testing. Markets that have carried out the testing include the Nga Tu So Market in Thanh Xuan District, Long Bien Market in Ba Dinh District, Hoang Mai Fruit Market in its namesake district, Ha Vy Poultry Market in Thuong Tin District and several seafood markets. 

Dr. Khong Minh Tuan, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Center for Disease Control (CDC), explained to the news source that the aim is to "mainly to find the probability factor to predict the Covid-19 pandemic situation." 

As of the morning of Tuesday, April 21, Vietnam has not reported any new cases of the virus in the last four days. The country has 268 total cases, 214 of whom have recovered. Overall, 15,368 people are being quarantined in facilities, while another 60,163 are under home isolation.

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