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Hanoi Postcard No. 1: Hom Fabric Market

This week, Saigoneer is proud to announce a new series: beautifully crafted illustrations, in the form of postcards, celebrating everything we love about this city. Every couple of weeks, we’ll reveal a new vignette of a uniquely Hanoian experience, complete with affectionate descriptions.

These are in the same vein as the postcards from Saigoneer, our sister site. First off is a glimpse into Hom Fabric Market on Pho Hue Street. Markets in Vietnam can be hectic and pungent, whereas at this charming spot, vendors often sleep on huge piles of linen when not chatting to other sellers or customers. Searching for fabric amid piles of materials can be addictive, and a calming pastime for lovers of tailor-made clothes.

Check out the first illustration below. Click to flip for the text.

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