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Da Nang to Get Free WIFI Network

In the works since 2003, Da Nang’s $2 million city-wide WIFI network is set to come online this September. The system will rely on 400 transmitters, allowing access so 10,000 users at any given time. ...

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E-commerce Sales to Hit $1.3 Billion by 2015

VECITA, the Vietnam E-Commerce and Information Technology Agency, released a report last week which revealed that Vietnam’s e-commerce sales will hit $700 million by the end of 2012 and $1.3 billion b...

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Big Changes for Online Advertising in Vietnam

For Google staff, today should prove to be slightly more relaxing following a week of big announcements. For many of them, the week started with a cup of coffee at the annual I/O developer conference ...

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Vietnam Delays Introduction of 4G Service

Even as Vietnam becomes increasing connected by mobile devices, don’t expect 4G service any time soon. According to Vietnam News, the government wants to maximize the existing investments made by...

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Asia's Social Media Boom

A macro-economic expert could view social media as a good economic development indicator. Social media fever is fading a bit in the US after the mini-bubble, encouraged by the highly criticized purcha...

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"Fucking Ugly" Websites Plague Vietnam

Design is subjective; ‘good’ design changes by region, city and individual. Design elements that may seem antiquated to one, may be fresh or reinvented by another so we try not to judge - except when ...

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Could This Vietnamese Startup Overtake Dropbox?

Dropbox has long been the biggest player in the cloud storage game, but this may soon change. Local startup, Kleii, has just secured its first round of seed funding and has its eyes on the internation...

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Apple Returns Millions of Substandard iPhones to Foxconn

According to sources in a China Business report, Apple has returned up to 8 million iPhones to manufacturer, Foxconn, on the grounds that they were not fit or sale. The gaffe could not only result in ...

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With $100 Million in the Bank, CocCoc Looks to Unseat Google in Vietnam

There’s no doubt that Google is the global leader in search engines, owning a 67.5% global market share. But if the tech behemoth has one 'chink in the armor', it’s the inability to effectively h...

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