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Do Hanoi's Derelict Factories Have Cultural Values? Experts Believe So.

On October 21, Livable Hanoi (Vì Một Hà Nội Đáng Sống) is hosting a webinar to discuss the idea of repurposing Hanoi’s industrial factories into creative and cultural spaces.

The webinar, titled "Current status of industrial facilities spaces in Hanoi and international experiences of industrial heritage" will begin at 2pm in both Vietnamese and English. It is a part of a collaborative project between Liveable Hanoi, the European National Institute of Culture (EUNIC), Hanoi Architectural University, UNESCO Vietnam and other local and international organizations. 

According to the municipality's plan, Hanoi has about 90 factories and industrial spaces that are being relocated. Some of these buildings are more than a hundred years old with unique architecture and heritage values. Livable Hanoi started the idea to repurpose these spaces into culture centers back in 2020. Recently the idea has been nominated for the Bùi Xuân Phái – For The Love of Hanoi Award. 

Speaking at the webinar are city leaders as well as architecture experts. The webinar aims to not only promote cultural collaboration between EUNIC members and Vietnamese partners, but also to share information and knowledge about the creative transformation of Hanoi's industrial heritage. 

The event is expected to spark lively debates and multidimensional perspectives on facility relocation, as well as international experiences in repurposing spaces. Lê Quân, the principal of Hanoi Architectural University affirmed the main content of the discussion is the complexity of urban reconstruction. As the new Architectural Law has come into force since 2019, he believes that a new approach to the cultural values of industrial facilities will successfully provide both theoretical and practical bases for the city's redesigning. 

Thierry Vergon, Director of the French Institute in Hanoi also expresses his optimism for the upcoming event. He said the seminar is just in time to get attention from the city’s planners, especially when Hanoi's business enterprises may undergo mass relocation in the next few years. 

To register for the webinar, use the following form.

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