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[Photos] Wander Along the Beach in 1967 Nha Trang

We often yearn to visit tourist destinations before they became heavily developed, but what would that actually be like?

For example, where would one stay, given the presumed dearth of hotels? And how was the food and beverage scene? Something tells us that picky TripAdvisor reviewers wouldn't be a fan of 1960s travel amenities.

These photos from Jack McCabe, an American veteran, depict Nha Trang in 1967. What is today a hyper-developed city with a wall of high-rises fronting the beach was then a quiet town with acres of empty beach and barely a building higher than three or four floors.  

An intersection in Nha Trang with directions to other areas.

Christ the King Cathedral (Nhà thờ Núi Nha Trang).

The famous white Buddha Statue on Trai Thuy Hill.

Nha Trang's impressive beach without a high-rise in sight.

Young children on the beach.

Palm trees line an empty beach.

Children on the streets of Nha Trang.

A child on Trai Thuy Hill.

A cyclo driver pedals down a quiet street.

Kids hanging out and playing in a field.

Narrow Highway 1, a far cry from the crowded national highway that is full of speeding trucks and buses today.

At times, the countryside today doesn't look that different from decades ago.

[Photos via RedsVN]

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