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Experts Visiting Vietnam for Under 14 Days No Longer Need to Quarantine

They will have to follow health and safety guidelines while in the country.

VnExpress reports that on Tuesday, the Ministry of Health released new guidelines saying that foreign experts, investors, managers and diplomats who visit Vietnam for less than 14 days no longer have to go through two weeks of mandatory coronavirus quarantine.

Up until this change, anyone entering the country had to undergo quarantine, either at a government facility or a hotel delegated for quarantine. They are also tested for the coronavirus a few times during the quarantine period.

On the same day, the government began charging all arrivals, including Vietnamese nationals for quarantine fees, though diplomats are exempt from these charges.

According to the health ministry's regulations, which are available in Vietnamese, such visitors must have international health insurance that can pay for treatment in case they contract COVID-19, while also testing negative for the virus before leaving their departure country. They must also fill out a health declaration form and monitor their health on a daily basis, while also not sharing personal belongings with anyone, limiting handshakes, and not deviating from confirmed itineraries. They must also wear a mask at all times while in public.

[Photo via Vietnam Airlines]

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