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8 Saigon Hotels Approved as Paid Quarantine Facilities for Foreign Experts

They include three five-star hotels, four four-star properties, and one-three star hotel.

While officials across Vietnam race to contain a fresh coronavirus outbreak, VnExpress reports that Saigon authorities have approved the use of eight city hotels as quarantine centers that experts entering the country to work can pay to stay in.

About 1,500 rooms will be available for approved individuals, such as foreign experts and highly skilled workers, who don't want to stay in government-run centralized quarantine facilities.

The eight that qualify include the Le Meridien Saigon, Hotel des Arts Saigon and Norfolk in District 1; Bát Đạt Hotel in District 5; and the Holiday Inn, IBIS Saigon Airport, IBIS Saigon and De Nhat in Tân Bình District.

Once the hotels agree to participate in the quarantine scheme, they will be closed for all other purposes, while security will be put in place to prevent unauthorized entry or exit. The municipal health department is tasked with providing safety instructions to the hotels during the stay.

Saigon is currently seeking approval for 437 foreign experts and skilled workers to enter the city, while a total of 3,000 have previously received permission to enter Vietnam and quarantine for 14 days. Vietnam's borders have been closed since March 25, with only returning Vietnamese nationals and select foreigners allowed to fly in.

The news source shares that around 93,000 foreigners are licensed to work in the country, but over 20,000 have been unable to return due to the border restrictions.

The National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control has also asked all arriving foreign experts to get tested for the virus at least three days before their departure.

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