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To Evade Quarantine, They Tried to Swim From China to Vietnam

Border guards found two separate groups of four Vietnamese people attempting to enter Vietnam from China last week, after which all eight individuals were quarantined.

Tuoi Tre reports that border guards in Mong Cai's Hai Hoa Ward came across four people at a border marker around 3am last Saturday. They had illegally entered China to work at a lumber mill in Guangxi, and tried to return to Vietnam by swimming across the Ka Long River.

The border troops took the group for medical examinations, and then placed them in a quarantine facility in Mong Cai. Currently, anyone entering Vietnam must undergo 14 days of quarantine as part of Vietnam's effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic.


The previous day, border guards in another part of Quang Ninh Province caught a family of four, including two children, crossing the same river from Guangxi Province. The mother and father had legally left Vietnam in November to work in Dongxing, across the border. According to the news source, the family has also been placed in a quarantine facility in Mong Cai.

Meanwhile, in Saigon, everyone on the 12th floor of the Pham Viet Chanh apartment complex in Binh Thanh District was tested for the coronavirus yesterday. This came after a resident who had recovered from Covid-19 re-tested positive for the virus during a check-up.

The individual in question is a 20-year-old student who returned from France on May 24 and tested positive upon arrival. He returned to the apartment complex six days ago after going through quarantine and treatment.

However, the Ministry of Health has reportedly assured residents that previous patients who re-test positive are not contagious.

The ministry has thus far recorded 355 infections and zero related deaths nationwide, while 335 of those patients have recovered.

[Photo via Bao Moi]

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