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Vietnamese Celebrity Fined For Letting Her Child Urinate In Vomit Bag

You can add singer Le Quyen to the list of Vietnamese celebrities that have stirred controversy due to their in-air faux pas after she allowed her 4-year-old son to urinate in an airsickness bag mid-flight.

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The incident that made international headlines occurred on July 16 during a flight between Saigon and Hanoi. According to Thanh Nien, citing the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV), as the aircraft approached the capital, Quyen let her son pee into the bag while her husband held it in place. 

A flight attendant instructed the couple to take their son to the bathroom but they pretended not to hear her.

Though the flight crew didn’t report the episode, one passenger was not amused and uploaded a photo of public defecation to Facebook where it spread like wildfire. The photo caption described how the act caused “…urine to splatter onto the plane's interior."

Following the backlash, the CAAV fined the famous singer and her businessman husband VND4 million each for “violating order and discipline on a flight.”

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