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Legislators Call for Law to Preserve Vietnamese Language

Legislators are eyeing the possibility of imposing laws to preserve the Vietnamese language as experts and lawmakers expressed concern over its recent evolution last weekend.

At a scientific seminar in Hanoi titled “Preserving the Purity of the Vietnamese Language in the Mass Media”, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam told attendees: “It is a fact that the Vietnamese language is being used with a lack of standards in daily conversations, on online forums, in official reports, mass print media and even textbooks,” reports Tuoi Tre.

Roughly 250 papers were submitted at the seminar, covering three main topics: language and mass media, contribution of media to language development and managing Vietnamese language to preserve its purity in media.

Both journalist Phan Quang and National Assembly member Duong Trung Quoc agreed with Deputy PM Dam, suggesting the country’s legislative body should consider regulating the use of Vietnamese language in order to guide its development.

Deputy PM Dam went on to say that Vietnamese language preservation is the responsibility of every citizen, especially writers, journalists and teachers, according to Dan Tri.

The seminar was jointly hosted by the Linguistic Society of Vietnam, the Vietnam Journalists Association and the Voice of Vietnam radio program to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of late Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Van Dong’s plea for Vietnamese language preservation.

[Photo via YouTube user Thuyen VienXu]

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