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[Photos] This House in Ninh Binh Is the Antithesis of Gaudy Mansions

Completed in 2018, this dour, utilitarian house in Ninh Binh is a direct rebellion against the province’s growing population of gaudy mansions.

On a 300-square-meter plot of land, the architects behind Hanoi-based HPAA constructed a 100-square-meter abode for a family that prefers function to form. According to HPAA, Ninh Binh City is witnessing a new wave of wealth and thus, a real estate fever. The prevailing style in the community is massive “castles” with a faux art nouveau style mirroring that of French aristocrats. While these behemoths are a sight to behold, they often inconvenience habitants with unnecessary décor and details.

“With Ninh Binh house, we strived for an expression of rusticity and simplicity by cutting down on redundant design motifs to focus on basic requirements of a living space, such as trees, water surface, ventilation and light,” HPAA writes on their website about the project.

Personal living quarters are located in the two blocks on the site, which are connected by a shared space in the middle. The living room, kitchen and dining room are on the first floor while a reading and working area occupies the second floor.

See the inside of Ninh Binh house below:

[Photos by Trieu Chien via ArchDaily]

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