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Starbucks Japan to Open in 100-Year-Old Kyoto Townhouse

Starbucks is attempting to merge its coffee culture with Japan's century-old traditions in the chain’s newest Kyoto location.

Fans of Starbucks will soon be able to sip on their favorite beverages while sitting on tatami mats and taking in the view of traditional Japanese gardens, according to a recent press release on the company’s local website.

The new outlet housed in a 100-year-old building on historic Ninenzaka Street in Kyoto, just a short walk away from the iconic Kiyozumi-dera Temple. The structure appears to be well-preserved, and is in fact the only traditional townhouse in the area with a remaining daibei wall.

The ground floor features an espresso bar counter and three gardens linked by a long, narrow corridor. One can also take off their shoes to enjoy their drinks in the three tatami-lined rooms on the second floor.

Of course, Starbucks has also added its own touch. Instead of the usual green logo, the shopfront is noticeable only by a blue noren curtain with the iconic mermaid head printed on it. The tatami rooms are also decorated with a paper scroll that tells the story behind the coffee.

The store is set to open on June 30. Even if you are not a fan of Starbucks, the venue itself may be a tourist destination that merits a visit.

[Photos via Spoon Tamago]

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