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Polluted Chinese City Imports Bags of Fresh Mountain Air

The air quality in Vietnam’s cities may be worsening at a rapid pace but unlike China, we haven’t reached Spaceballs levels quite yet. In the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, residents lined up to breathe sweet mountain air as part of a promotion from a local tourism company, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Zhengzhou, among China’s top-10 most polluted cities, is located about 200km from Laojun Mountain where the fresh air was captured and sealed in rubber bags.

Though Residents were limited to a few breaths each, some felt the effects immediately, “I felt my baby move right when I breathed in,” said one pregnant woman.

The idea of distributing fresh air to residents in polluted areas has previously been explored by Chinese tycoon, Chen Guangbiao who launched a canned-air company in 2012.

So whenever you see an aura of haze around Saigon, take (some) solace in the fact that we haven’t yet reached this level of desperation (though you may not feel so lucky when stuck in rush-hour traffic).


[WSJ // Photo via Reuters]

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