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Cambodia Deports 3 French Men for Nude Photoshoot at Angkor Wat

Three Frenchmen were deported from Cambodia last weekend after they admitted to taking nude photos of themselves at the popular tourist destination of Angkor Wat.

Deeply offended by the Frenchmen’s actions, Cambodian officials fined the trio $250 each and banned the exhibitionists from Cambodia for 4 years. The tourists, all in their 20’s, also received a 6 month suspended sentence after they were convicted of producing pornography and for “exposure of sexual organs,” reports the Asian Correspondent.

Apparently, they had been doing these nude photoshoots in various other countries as kitschy souvenir mementos, yet there are reports insinuating they could be using them for commercial use. Prosecutor Koeut Sovannareth told the AFP he thought the men were planning to publish the images.

“They said their goal was to take nude photos to keep as souvenirs, but we believe that their intention was to use the photos in publications such as a calendar,” he said.

This comes on the heels of the spread of images on social media last week depicting topless Asian women inside the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the deportation of three Europeans who rode naked through the Cambodian countryside last month.