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[Video] Saigon's Sneakerheads Kick It up a Notch in New Documentary

While relatively unknown in Vietnam, Nike's iconic Air Max sneakers are some of the most popular shoes in the world.

First released in 1987, the design helped make Nike the mega-successful brand it is today. Easily identified by the visible air pockets in the shoe's heel, they've become the epitome of cool for collectors and casual wearers around the world. Saigon Needs More Air shows them being worn around the city while sharing the stories of several local enthusiasts. 

The video opens with Nam Quan, the Saigon-based founder of the Vietnam Air Max Community, explaining the history and significance of the model. He is joined by other collectors who share their personal kick connections. A Frenchman of Vietnamese descent explains that in some western countries, they were "must-haves" for popular kids in part because of the permeation of basketball and hip hop culture.

In contrast, several of the Vietnamese describe how unheralded the shoes are here and how difficult it can be to get a pair. They conjecture that the kicks have been relegated to subculture status thanks to Vietnamese's propensity to chase new trends. 

The description on the film's Vimeo page states it aims to share stories and help people "understand more about the Air Max culture." A jazzy hip hop track accompanies the interviews and gorgeous Saigon street shots that will appeal to viewers with little footwear infatuation.

Check it out below:

Video via Vimeo user Phong Tran.

Director: Tam Bui
Director of Photography: Phong Tran
Camera Operators: Thanh Nguyen and Dinh Tai
Editor: Phong Tran 

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