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[Photos] Black-and-White Photos Depict a Spirited Hanoi in 1973

The capital in 1973 provided many examples of normalcy amidst upheaval. 

Despite dire economic situations and the enduring sorrows of the ongoing war, people in Hanoi attempted to have as normal of lives as possible. They traveled to work, participated in hobbies, studied, and celebrated holidays. This collection of black-and-white photos from 1973 by Associated Press (AP) photographers focuses on the mundane activities of Hanoians.

Take a look below:

The streets are devoid of cars, motorbikes, and trucks.

Bicycle taxis waiting for business downtown.

A woman pauses to pose for a photo on her way to work.

A woman holds a child on a downtown street.

Baskets for sale.

Wooden treetcars operated throughout downtown.

Two children hop on the back of a streetcar for a free ride.

Hang tight!

Streetcar tracks bisect the busy Đồng Xuân market.

Vendors load their goods onto a streetcar.

A man pulls large barrels on his rickshaw.

A worker brings a load of dirt into the city via ox-cart.

A cartload of paper outside a factory.

Elderly women travel through the city by xích lô.

Two young children wander into the street as a bicycle passes.

Woman travels to the market to sell produce.

A young Hanoian in pith helmets smiles for the camera.

Selling hats.

A street artist draws a portrait near Hoàn Kiếm Lake while his daughter watches.

Boating on Hoàn Kiếm Lake.

A man stops in the park to read a newspaper.

The temple on Hoàn Kiếm Lake.

Children pose beside a closed bomb shelter.

Two buddies walking down the street.

Three men waiting on a park bench to observe a passing foreign delegation.

A man cradles his grandchild.

A man stops to read the paper, enjoy a cigarette.

The old and young alike watch a passing foreign delegation.

Two workers aboard a streetcar.

Elderly man stands with the flag of Vietnam.

Children laughing in a market.

A man rocking a very impressive beard.

Three ladies off to the market.

Children going home from school.

All smiles now that classes are over.

A young lad skipping down the street.

Boys improvise a table-tennis game with a park bench, bricks and square boards.

Children surrounded by rubble from a bomb strike the year before.

Streets lined with children waiting to see a foreign delegation pass.

A small child with a snack.

[Photos via Flickr user manhhai]

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