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After Completing Nghi Tam Overpass, Hanoi Proposes Plan to Expand Au Co

Having finished construction on the An Duong-Thanh Nien Overpass, which opened last Thursday, plans are now being proposed to level and expand Au Co Street.

The road is the fastest route to Noi Bai Airport and it is hoped that upgrading it will create a smoother connection between the city center and the international transport hub.

According to VietnamNet, plans for the construction have already been submitted to the government, with the aim of completing the work before the summer of 2020, when Vietnam will host the 36th ASEAN Summit.

Under the proposal, three kilometers of road will be lowered and expanded into a six-lane highway, a shift that has already been adopted along the Nghi Tam section of the dike road.

It is hoped that the change will not only ease traffic congestion but also improve road safety – the current height gap on Au Co poses a threat to commuters as it limits visibility and restricts turning circles.

Some are concerned, however, that construction, which could take up to 30 months, will not be completed in time for the major regional summit.

Construction on the An Duong-Thanh Nien Overpass took longer than expected, having started last September and reaching completion this month. The total cost of the project came to VND312 billion (US$13.4 million).

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