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Hanoi Requires All Local English Teachers to Take IELTS

In an attempt to standardize the quality of local English teachers' linguistic qualifications, Hanoi's Department of Education and Training is requiring that they take IELTS tests.

The move seeks to better classify teachers and identify those who require further training, with the ultimate goal of having 50% of math and science teachers to be able to teach in English by 2025, reports Dan Tri.

Any teachers who previously took IELTS tests and scored 6.5 or higher in 2019 won't need to retest. Those who are required to will have all exam costs covered by the state budget.

Some teachers have expressed skepticism over the plan as it will require them to study while simultaneously preparing lesson plans. Others say that publishing teacher's scores will identify weak points in their skill sets, potentially dealing a blow to their confidence.

An English teacher from Ngoc Hoi High School in Thanh Tri District told VietnamNet that this policy by the department arrived during a hectic period at the end of the year when schools are extremely busy with end-of-year preparations and exams. She added that she feels "tired because of having to teach and revise [for the IELTS test]."

An unnamed school administrator, addressing these concerns, told the newspaper that the tests present a good opportunity for teachers to reflect on their abilities and that scores should be sent directly to teachers, not released publicly.

[Photo: Teachers at a school in Lao Cai/via Flickr user quanphuongthanh]

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