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Saigoneer Podcast: Spotify Arrives and the Ties That Bind Vietnam & Japan

We're back in your ears with the latest episode of the Saigoneer Podcast.

We returned to our usual format this week with two discussion segments followed by a guest interview. We covered Spotify's long-awaited launch in Vietnam and how this will change local listening habits, as well as the impact it could have on the Vietnamese music industry.

Then we dive into Vietnam's close cultural and economic ties with Japan. From Doraemon to matcha and Saigon's first metro line, Japan's presence is impossible to miss here. But there are flaws in this relationship, as evidenced by recent news regarding Vietnamese workers in the Northeast Asian nation.

Our interview is with Long Nguyen, an International Relations student at Tokyo International University and co-host of the Bento Bureau Podcast, which covers Japanese culture, history, and current events. We chatted about what draws so many Vietnamese students to Japan, as well as his experience living there. This interview was recorded via Skype, with our questions and Long's responses recorded separately.

Finally, we end with Banh Mi Banter.

Check out our new episode through Soundcloud below, or find it on the Apple podcast app, Stitcher or Overcast.

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