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Lotteria Announces the Ramen Burger

Lotteria, the Korean version of McDonalds (in Vietnam at least), has joined the likes to Taco Bell and KFC in offering a dish that certainly qualifies as ‘thinking outside of the box.’

Here’s a breakdown of the ramen burger from Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft:

The noodles are lightly fried into a ramen patty, which is placed between two burger buns along with tender pork cutlet and mayonnaise. The burger is also served with "katsuo dashi" (a type of Japanese broth) soup.”

The fastfood chain just announced that they are partnering with ramen resturant Menya Musashi on this creative burger – no matter how it tastes, you gotta give them points for creativity.

The burger is only available in Japan for the moment. But considering Vietnam’s love for ramen and fast food, we may see this sometime in the future. But probably not…

The burger will be available starting May 20 and is priced at 634 yen (US$6.30).

Saigoneers – if anyone is traveling to Japan in the near future, please eat one of these and report back. PLEASE.


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