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[Photos] Saigon And Cho Lon Then And Now

Saigoneer has teamed up with Historic Vietnam to explore changes to Saigon and Cho Lon over time.

In our new Facebook group, Saigon and Cho Lon – Then and Now, we and our members post side-by-side photos of old and present day Saigon to illustrate just how much things have changed (and in some cases haven’t).

Here are some photos that we’ve recently posted in the group:

The junction of boulevard Gallieni and rue Colonel-Grimaud in the late colonial era, Trần Hưng Đạo and Phạm Ngũ Lão today.
The Saigon Post Office (1930s - 2014).
An early view of the old Chợ Lớn market and the same scene next to the Chợ Lớn Post Office today. 
The French and Colonial Finance Corporation (1920s - 2014).
Vietnam Railways Building (1930s - 2014). 
A 1950 shot of rue Tong-Doc-Phuong in Chợ Lớn and the same view of Châu Văn Liêm street today.
"Next to the market" in French colonial times - rue Vannier, Ngô Đức Kế street today.
Đồng Khởi looking toward the present day Continental Hotel and Vincom A (1930s? - Present day). 
Caravelle Hotel and the Saigon Opera House (19th century - 2014).
Rues Colonel-Boudonnet and Schroeder (next to Bến Thành Market) in late colonial times, the junction of Lê Lai and Phan Chu Trinh today.
Post Office and Notre Dame Cathedral (Late 19th century - 2014).
We’re adding new photos everyday so to see more, or even better, to join in on the fun, be sure to become a fan of the page!

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