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Saigoneer Podcast: Vietnamese Folk Tales and Artist Quynh Lam

It's Monday, meaning it's time for the latest Saigoneer Podcast episode.

This week we indulge in a super-sized segment on Vietnamese folk tales (1:09), in which we share some of our favorite legends and stories, such as the bizarre Coconut Skull (Sọ Dừa) saga and the national tale of Thanh Giong. This part of the show also features a reading of a hilariously translated Aesop fable.

Our interview segment (22:24) is with Quynh Lam, the contemporary artist known for her works which highlight the issue of being a woman in Vietnam. Check out her website for examples of her work.

As always, we close with Banh Mi Banter (33:17).

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Have a great week!

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